yum pkg


manage yum packages

  • name (required): the package names and versions. You can specify multiple pakages. The following values can be used for package version:

    • <null> default: ensure the package is installed. If not, it will install the latest version available of all YUM repos available
    • <version>: ensure the package is installed, at the version specified. If the version in unavailable of all YUM repos available on the host, the state will fail
    • <uri>: ensure the package will be fetched from the following uri. Warning: if one uri is specified, only packages with uri specified will be installed. uri can be a remote or local path to a rpm package.
    • latest: ensure the package is installed at the latest version. If a newer version is available of all YUM repos available on the host, will do upgrade automatically
    • removed: ensure the package is absent
    • purged: ensure the package is absent, and also delete all related configuration data of the package
  • repo (optional): the repo name, which you want to use for installing the packages

      example: epel
  • verify-gpg (optional): verify the package's GPG siganature, by default true

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