manage a user

  • username (required): the user name

  • password (required): the encrypted password

    note: use openssl passwd -salt <salt> -1 <plaintext> to generate the password hash

  • fullname (optional): the user's full name

  • uid (optional): the user id

  • gid (optional): the group id

  • home (optional): the user's home directory, by default /home/$username

    note: if the directory already exists, the uid and gid of the directory will be set to this user; otherwise, the directory (and its parent directories) will be created, with the uid and gid

  • system-account (optional): whether to create a system account or not (see useradd(8)), by default: false

  • no-login (optional): whether to allow user to login or not, by default false

  • groups (optional): a list of groups of the user

    note: if pass in an empty list, all groups of the user will be removed except the defaut one

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