extract an archive file

  • source (required): the archive file url

    example: http(s):///host/path/to/archive.tar.gz

    note: currently supported archive format: tar, tgz, tar.gz, bz, bz2, tbz, zip (archive file must end with one of these extention name)

        local archive file `file://path/to/file` not supported in this version
  • path (required): the path to extract the archive

    note: the path will be auto-created if it doesn't exist

  • checksum (optional): the url of the source checksum file or checksum value string, whose value (content) will be used to verify the integrity of the source archive, only support md5

  • if-path-absent (optional): extract the archive only if none of the specified path exists, see blow

    note: once the source archive is successfully extracted to the specified path, the opsagent will decide whether to re-fetch and extract the source archive depending on or not:

    • when if-path-absent specified:
      • if none of the specified paths exist, the archive will be re-fetched, until some paths exist
      • if some paths exists, the archive will only be re-fetched only if checksum is used and its value changes between rounds
    • when if-path-absent not used:
      • if checksum not used, the archive will be re-fetched in every round
      • if checksum used, thhe archive will be re-fetched if the checksum value changes between rounds

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