Import CloudFormation template (Preview)

You can import CloudFormation templates into the IDE to visualize.


Step 1: Select a CloudFormation template file

Step 2: Set parameters, then click "Import"


NOTE : VisualOps IDE only support convert CloudFormation template to PNG currently.


The current release has some prerequisite so that CloudFormation templates can be imported:

  • The resource in template which is not supported by VisualOps will be ignored.

  • The template must not include any existing resource as follow:

- AWS::EC2::EBS::Volume
- AWS::EC2::Instance
- AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
- AWS::EC2::NetworkAcl
- AWS::EC2::CustomerGateway
- AWS::EC2::NetworkInterface
- AWS::EC2::InternetGateway
- AWS::EC2::RouteTable
- AWS::EC2::Subnet
- AWS::EC2::VPNConnection
- AWS::EC2::VPNGateway
- AWS::AutoScaling::Group
- AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration
- AWS::AutoScaling::ScalingPolicy
- AWS::CloudWatch::CloudWatch
- AWS::RDS::DBInstance
- AWS::RDS::DBSubnetGroup


  • If you want to import existing resource template, you need to convert it to a complete new component like following figure and fill in the connection between two component such as availability zone, subnet id so that our algorithm can find out the architecture of your template.

Common Errors

The following lists the common errors you may have, which leads to failed to import the CloudFormation templates:

- The availability zone of the volume is not match with corresponed attached instance.
- The region you want to import do not match the availability zone you describe in the template
- Your template have more than 2 VPC component
- One of the component is missing AWS required property like subnet is missing property VpcId
- More than 2 EIP can not associate to the same instance without specify specific private ip address
- Fn::FindInMap need to be correct if use it to match corresponding AMI
- Use Fn::GetAtt to get a runtime properity(For example AvailabilityZone of subnet) will casuse an error

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