IDE Shortcut

This chapter collects the shortcuts supported in the IDE.


  • open Property Panel: P
  • open State Panel: S
  • duplicate the selected instance: ALT+drag
  • delete the selected item: DEL or BACKSPACE
  • save the stack: CTRL+S or COMMAND+S
  • scroll the canvas: CTRL+drag or COMMAND+drag

State Panel - General

  • swith focus in the state list: ↑/↓
  • select/unselect the focused state: SPACE
  • expand the focused state: ENTER
  • fold the focused state: ESC
  • switch to the next input: TAB
  • switch back to the previous input: SHIFT+TAB
  • open/fold the help: CTRL+I or COMMAND+I
  • open/fold the log window: CTRL+L or COMMAND+L

State Panel - Edit Mode

  • select all states: CTRL+A or COMMAND+A
  • unselect all states: CTRL+D or COMMAND+D
  • add a new state: CTRL+ENTER or COMMAND+ENTER
  • delete selected states: CTRL+DEL or COMMAND+DEL
  • move the focused state: CTRL+↑/↓ or COMMAND+↑/↓
  • copy the selected states: CTRL+C or COMMAND+C
  • paste the copied states: CTRL+V or COMMAND+V
  • undo: CTRL+Z or COMMAND+Z
  • redo: CTRL+Y or COMMAND+Y

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