visualops is a command-line interface for VisualOps. It allows you to deploy the same stack, or clone running apps to your laptop, for dev/testing/debugging purposes.

note: output shown in this documentation is indicative only, please do not refer to it.


Before install, ensure Docker is installed (see in version >= 1.2.0.

On Mac OS X, boot2docker is required.


All Linux distributions supported by Docker should be compatible with VisualOps. Ubuntu, CentOS, Amazon Linux and RedHat Linux (on their latest version) are officially suported.

Mac is not fully supported yet (coming soon)


Preferred method of install is pip:

$ pip install visualops


Check usage for detailed arguments:

$ visualops --help

Use the help command to get help about one specific command:

$ visualops help [command]


  • when launching a stack or cloning an app, only the Docker states will be executed; the other states will be ignored
  • if you try to bind multiple containers to the same host port, only one container can be started with the correct port binding

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