Customize the stack

One of the most powerful feature in VisualOps is to customize the Mesos cluster in a super easy way.

Prebaked AMI

VisualOps ships three prebaked AMIs, which you can drag-n-drop to the stack for cluster customization: master, slave, slave-asg.

Default State

Each AMI is configured with a default state, depending on the role. Please note:

  • you can add any other states as you need to configure the instances, e.g. raid, LVM, filesystem, etc
  • you cannot delete and change the default state
  • the default is always the last one in the last list

Slave Attribute

You can also edit the slave attributes, which will be used by Mesos for the job scheduling.

Default Security Group

Mesos comes with a default security group, `MesosSG, to ensure the connectivity of the cluster.

Other AWS resources

You can mesh all AWS resources up with the Mesos cluster:

  • EBS
  • Elastic IP
  • ELB
  • VPC
  • AutoScaling

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