A workspace is a collaboration space where a team of members can work on a set of stacks and apps.

By default, we create a personal My Workspace for every user. Ther are some differences between My Workspace and Team Workspace:

  • My Workspace is an individual workspace, which means that you cannot invite others to it
  • For team collaboration, you can create new workspace, and invite your team to join
  • In My Workspace, you can 3600 free credits per month, which is enough to run 5 instances for a month. However, no free credis is availale in other workspace
  • My Workspace cannot be deleted
  • For existing accounts, all stack/app are grouped into My Workspace. Please read Transfer Stack / App between Workspaces, if you want to migrate

Each workspace can be configured with separate:

  • cloud access credential, e.g. AWS access/secret key
  • billing information
  • API access token (check Reload States )

NOTE: This means that all apps and resources in a workspace share the same credential, bill and API token.

The workspace switch is located at the left-top corner in the IDE.

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