Getting Started

VisualOps is similar to AWS CloudFormation or OpenStack HEAT: design and provision of infrastructure and applications in the cloud. It automates:

  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Code deployment
  • Configuration management

The difference is that VisualOps manages your app 24/7 to ensure that the app always run in the desired state, by continually monitor the infrastructure and the app, to instantly spot and fix any drift.

VisualOps can be used for the following cases:

  • Template-based provisioning: fast and repeatable Dev/QA, Demo environment setup
  • Continuous Deployment: launch your stack into fully functioning app, VisualOps deploys your code and automatically upgrades it once there is a newer version
  • App Ensure: design, launch and relax. VisualOps will ensure your app is always up and running in the state you defined

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