While focusing on an instance, you can select the key-pair to use for this application

You have several options:

  • Create a new key-pair (useful if you want to use a unique key for this instance, or app for example)
  • Use an existing key-pair from your AWS account
  • Import a key-pair from your computer
  • Use no key-pair (useful in case of customs AMIs with specific password, that you already know)

Key pairs can be specified by instance, or by app, by selecting '$DefaultKeyPair' (default) in the properties panel of any instance

To manage your key-pair, click on 'Manage Region Key Pairs' in the properties panel of any instance

NOTE: Upon launching a stack or updating an app, IDE will prompt you to specify an existing keypair as the replacement of the placeholder $DefaultKeyPair. All new instances in the stack/app with $DefaultKeyPair will be created using the specified keypair.

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